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Basic Mediation Workshop: Spring 2022

Ended Feb 26, 2022

Spots remaining: 17

Full course description

Basic mediation workshop is back and we’re looking forward to seeing you at our live, remote, workshop this spring during our 8, half-day, at-home sessions!  Classes meet virtually 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm Wednesday, March 9, and Saturdays and Tuesdays March 12 - April 2. Total workshop time: 40 hours.

Basic Mediation Workshop is a blend of live, online (synchronous) activities with asynchronous activities (materials to be read or viewed online at a time of your choosing within a specific window). 

The sessions are fun, engaging and practice-oriented.

Led by instructor Susan Terry (see her amazing bio below), a typical session opens with a bit of theory and reviews of various cases to illustrate theory and practice.  Typically that's followed by some practice exercises and then, YOU are the mediator.  Every participant gets ample chances to try out their hand at putting the skills to work in mediations.  Each mediator is observed by one of our mediation "coaches" who is there to guide you and help you navigate the situation. 

We love this training and here are a few reasons why:

·        Compact, live, action-filled sessions with a cohort group alternating with shorter, recorded learning sessions at your convenience.

·        Our 4-hour teaching sessions offered on both weekdays and weekends will make it easier to fit into a busy work and family schedule. 

·        Our start time is noon so you can get take care of work and family obligations before class.  This also allows people in other time zones to participate.   

·        Progressive learning that builds on what you already know from your life and professional experience, introduces you to key concepts and practices, familiarizes you with the "shape" and progression of the mediation process.

·        Four, lively, coached and supervised "you are the mediator" sessions.  These "You are the mediator" sessions are powered by professional mediators coaching you through your session, being your guardian angel on your shoulder, giving advice when needed, and then assisting your group in reflecting on the experience.

·        No driving or travel required!  You can do this training from anywhere you have a computer and the internet.

Basic Mediation Workshop is not about performance - it is about learning, about being helpful to one another learning, and in having fun!

Join us for this lively, engaging, and deeply rewarding learning experience for anyone hoping to become more proficient at understanding and handling conflict!

The lead instructor is Susan Terry, a giant in the mediation field.  Read more about her here.  Also, see this article in Vermont Woman Magazine featuring Susan.

Price: $1,100

The schedule is as follows (all live sessions are 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm with two, 15-minute breaks built-in): 


Session title

Date, all times 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm



Live Session 1

Wednesday, March 9


Getting started.  Welcome, overview, basic concepts and demonstration




Watch videos on basic mediation skills and tools such as listening, reflections, questions, and identifying interests and issues

Live Session 2

Saturday, March 12 


Putting it to use: Skills and tools practice 




Videos on the structure of mediation, preparing roleplays for next class

Live Session 3

Tuesday, March 15


Practice time!  Navigating the early parts of mediation




Video.  More tools in the toolbox

Live Session 4

Saturday, March 19


Practice time!  Full simulations session 1

Live Session 5

Tuesday, March 22


Practice time!  Full simulations session 2




Video: More tools in the toolbox

Live Session 6

Saturday, March 26


Practice time!  Full simulations session 3

Live Session 7

Tuesday, March 29


Practice time!  Full simulations session 4

Live Session 8

Saturday, April 2


Final discussions, career paths and reflections

Contact us about special rates for non-profits, groups and community justice centers.